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Exactly why am I being charged if I probably paid out the fees? Service fees are charged after your listing is authorized, therefore we don’t understand what the charges would have always been otherwise. Therefore, we’re charging you based on the charges you settled for the listing. What are the benefits of NOT listing on an ICO platform? Don’t list on an ICO platform as you would like to stay away from the stress of working with your project listed?

You will find a number of logical reasons why not to list on an ICO platform. To begin with, as an ICO project, you’ve an already existing social media presence and could easily reach your market. You don’t have to pay any money to list on ICO platforms and also reach new investors. You don’t have to start a complete advertising plan to acquire additional attention and you do not need to contend with a lot of various other conditions that are available with operating an ICO project.

I have been working on the concept for a while and even managed to put together a concept paper, but being an experiment, I chose to do an ICO rating myself and write about it. My aim with the blog post is two-fold: to be able to make the reader far more insight into what’s expected of ICO rating agencies and the things they ought to be doing and also to discuss the personal experience of mine in rating and the obstacles I faced. Exactly what are the various methods to list a token?

Listing on TokenMarket is a free program. In the event you choose to list your token, you are going to receive all of the advertising services we are able to provide, at the same time as: Trading fee discounts (paid monthly). Promotion of your respective token on our social media channels and on the TokenMarket site. TokenMarket listings are presently not ranked. Listings on the ICOBench, and CoinMarketCap are ranked according to market cap and quantity of reviews, which makes them very helpful.

If you wish to enroll in all of these ranking systems, your listing has to be on TokenMarket first. In this particular situation, you are going to get exclusive promotional offers. This also boosts your credibility among the target audience of yours and will accelerate your project development in a positive way. Lastly, if you submit a completely new proposal on an ICO platform, you get fast feedback on your submission, making your business much easier.

Really should I start my very own social media strategy? We understand that listing your token on our website is vital for gaining traction. Nonetheless, we think it is much better to concentrate on making value for your token rather than focusing on acquiring traffic. With that in mind, we strongly advise against spamming social media and constructing bots, which is against our Terms of Service. We do offer advertising and promotion for an inexpensive price tag.

Marketing Description. This is the most essential one, especially for those that are interested in a project development, for example, a Blockchain. You have to be specific about what you are planning to do with your funds and how they will help the project of yours to grow. Explain everything from the project’s introduction to its launch. Do not miss anything! Second, it helps to gather investor’s loyalty and also improve the value of your token.